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If you enjoy the comic, in lieu of a donation to me, please consider contributing to one of the following groups:

- GLAAD - WWF - NAACP - Human Rights Campaign - Democratic Party (DNC) -

NPR - KPR (Kansas Public Radio)

Thanks for reading.


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Read Chapter 6 from the beginning


Two new pages that probably don't make much sense in retrospect. More thoughts later, then SPORT and WEATHER, after the NEWS.



Hi again,

I made a 18 page Hallo ween-ish comic about two kittens using magic to make candy. It was just something I did for fun with a sharpy and thought I would put it together in downloadable booklet to give away. You can print as many as you like and share it. I just don't want people to try and sell it. There are some instructions that I hope aren't too difficult. It's tricky to print a zine if you don't have a "Booklet" option. Have fun.

You can download the 18mb zip files here.

or the 9mb 3.5x5.5 "Fun Sized" version here.

Thanks for reading,




SO, you've been patient while I've dropped out... again. Here's what I've been up to inbetween cat comics, real work and everything else.

As I mentioned in the post below, I'm working towards a Graphic Novel Pitch featuring Leon and the kids from the Super Science Club. It will center on Leon arriving at a new school where the others try to recruit him. There will be crazy science projects, robots, grill cheese sandwiches and a Alien Invasion.

I've written/rewritten the first 30 pages of it and I'm working on the production pages now (only six so far). Hopefully I can figure out the rest of the story in the mean time. I have a vague idea of what will happen, but I need to work it all out. I'll post the rough pages and probably a lot of the pitch artwork here as soon as I get them done.

I don't know how long it will take, hopefully, It'll be done sometime in the fall, but I want to get the first 30 pages, a full thumbnail draft of the book and supplemental artwork before trying to send it to a publisher. Then, we'll see what happens.

I hope to get back to Claire and Ann in the next chapter "Space and Thyme" immediately afterward. Actually... I think I'm going to do a two-three page short before that, just for fun. And... well, I need to do something about the missing epilogue for Chapter 3. It was made clear to me recently just HOW MUCH information is missing and I need to do something about that. (I'm not sure what yet.)

Other Comics
I plan to keep doing Bookish as well. I got more of them planned and they are... relatively easy to do. I'd like to get another Korra page done before the month is out. There are a few other projects, Do Re Mi, etc, that will probably pop up in the mean time, but I don't want to make promises. Sorry this stuff takes so long.

I renewed the site domain but won't be making the typical donation plea. (The benefit of a full time job.) Even though I get neat little bits of encouragement here and there I don't really see the audience to support the comic financially to worry about it. I'm still happy to work on this stuff as a hobby, I just wish that I had the time to get pages out faster.

Anyway, I'm not really needing donations to live on, so if you enjoy the comic and want to donate to something, you might consider contributing to one of the groups at the bottom of the comic. Those links will always be there, from now on.

Thanks for reading,





I went to this thing in KC over the weekend about pitching Graphic Novels and thought it was probably time for an update.

For the people that I awkwardly handed cards out to, ( Hi, let me know what you think ). If you want to see some of the 'professional work' portfolio, it's here. I use to have a separate site at but GoDaddy decided to start charging me for the domain they were giving me for free, so I discontinued it and transferred that pages here. I'm working on a new site with more recent material, but it's not ready yet.

As for the comic, I'm going to start working towards a pitch for a graphic novel using the Super Science Club Kids. I haven't figured everything out yet, but the story will be about them defending the Earth from an Alien invasion and then they find out that, well, they kind of started it. I don't know how long it will take to put together but I intend to make about 20 some pages along with supporting material, rough script, etc. I'll probably post a lot of it here and I'll have some other odds and ends in the mean time. It's a long shot, but worth aiming for.

After that I'll get back to Xenozoo with Claire and Ann roaming around and we'll see what else happens from there.

Thanks for following along.



I kind of got to meet Ben Hatke! Isn't that cool?


Welp, there you go. A year and half later, 28 pages with a lot of unnecessary exposition, all leading up to a gag I stole from an Abbot and Costello sketch.

I'll probably post a better update here in a while, but for now the following is a edited version of what was previously here. Sorry that this all took so long, but thanks for reading.


(feb 2019)


I should probably say wrapping things up that this chapter was suppose to only take a few months to do and wasn't intended to have any "major plot points" or big revelations or amazing, intense action. (Sorry) I was just going to do a quick story about their sort-of daily activities at the xenozoo and attempt to have a serene moment. (I'm not certain I pulled it off.)

I had minor 'growth period' in followers for a little while and worry that the expectations for the chapter might be higher than the intent of the chapter. Hopefully the ending won't fall too flat, but it can't be helped, I guess. (Good bye everyone I disappointed!)

After this I want to start Chapter 7 that will be about Claire and Ann shopping for groceries. I know that might sound boring, but they're ALIEN groceries and there will also be a THRILLING CHASE SCENE. So I think I can make it interesting and fun.

BUT, I also might try to start a graphic novel with the Super Science Club Kids... More about that later.

Some new/consolidated Bookish comics, if that's what you're looking for.

Some NEW, new Skyrim pages, for some reason. They're gory and loaded with swears, so "be advised".

There are updated Korra pages too, which I thought I had updated a long time ago but didn't. I hope to have the page 5 dialogue worked out shortly.

On New Years I'll replace this page with the Hidden Map page again, so everyone can find the Hidden Comics I have scattered around. I hope to have a new Bookish, Skyrim and Korra pages up by then.

I know the pages come in slow, but I'm still having fun with it and comic craft is an interesting challenge.



... I should probably delete/clean up a lot of the outdated content on this page...


Incidentally, considering the state of the country today if you don't want to support the comic I hope you'll consider making a donation to one of the organizations below. We're... we're going to need it for at least the next four years;


Democratic Party (DNC)

Kansas Democratic Party

Human Rights Campaign



KPR (Kansas Public Radio)


Really, just anything that is a polar opposite to the Republican party and their insanity.


THIS is a link to my professional work hosted here on the site. GoDaddy tried to gouge me for the hosting of my projectxeno portfolio site, so I relocated it all here until I figure out a better alternative.


SO, I'm starting a new chapter (ch 6) for the xenozoo comic. It will be about Claire and Ann collecting various animals from an environment for study. I haven't really talked about the xenozoo itself and how the environments work and this is a good place to do that. The bad news is that the original thumbnail script that I had written (some time ago now) is... terrible. It was a just a bunch of bad, goofy gags about Ann, Cymon, Leena and Mara trying to help collect animals. The story and tone of the comic has changed a bit since I wrote that chapter and while I still want it to be a fun chapter I don't want it to be so slap stick. I still like the core of the story but I don't want to spend time re-writing the thumbnails. So the plan is to do a re-write on the fly as I pencil the pages. It should only run about 20-30 some pages and is a bit risky but... it should work out alright...

In "other stuff' news, I got Maya working again on a different pc (the previous one burned out). There are still some kinks to work out, but I hope to get back to doing animated stuff again soon. New Company Man comic, Do Re Mi short, Skyrim pages, the Korra thing, other belated empty promises, etc, etc.

I've been slowly gaining and keeping followers on twitter and facebook and a reader emailed me recently referring to it as a "fantastic" webcomic. It was a bit suspect because it was kind of oddly worded email, but amazing that they reached out.

Below is some stuff I'm going to put on ebay. I thought I would offer them here at a preview price if anyone was interested. I'll list some prices (just about everything should be below $10) and details soon.

Thanks for reading.

-a (7-17)

New Company Man comic. There is an animated version at the end of the page.

There is a page about what a "Tuner" is. It's between after chapter 3 because that's where it will eventually be explained.

Also, for those clever enough to find them, there is a new skyrim page and a new (first) Korra page link on the hidden map.

Find me on the twitter
or facebook



Guardianship of the Galaxy.

WELP, it nearly killed me but the comic short is finally DONE. Not sure that a comic about Ann's guardianship and laundry was the best use of that time, but there it is.

I haven't decided what project to work on next. I would like to do the epilogue for after chapter 3 and FINALLY set up all the dominos for the rest of the comic. But I kind of feel like moving forward is the right direction for the moment. What I might do is write a short synopsis of what happens in the epilogue and then just move on.

In the mean time, the small things are a Do Re Mi short. Some more skyrim pages because apparently I can't keep myself from working on them. I'm still, still working towards a Korra fan comic but I want to do it right and that means spending time to focus on it. I don't know what else. If you have any thoughts as to what you might like to see, let me know on the twitter or facey-page.

In other news, I have a couple part time jobs. Not exactly where I though I would be at this point in my life but at least I'm not bleeding $$$ anymore. That being the case, I hope to get back to a fairly regular production of pages soon. Both jobs are still on shaky baby legs, but it will hopefully keep afloat until I find something more permanent.

thanks always, for reading.



New pages updated as I get them finished. (Just fyi, there is intentionally no dialogue in the first three pages.)

For what it's worth, the xenozoo short was suppose to be put together fairly quickly. I had hoped to have it penciled, FULLY colored and DONE in a month. Instead it's taken three just to get the pencils done. That being the case and the fact that I would like to get through this sometime SOON, I'v decided to do most of the comic in grey. The big issues is that the nebula at the end pretty much requires it to be in color because it's suppose to be "spectacular" and that won't work in greyscale. So what will happen is that most of it will be grey with some color or maybe spot color at the end. I haven't decided yet. I worry a bit about building up expectations (even though no one really reads this, HA HA HA!) that there isn't going to be this big revelation or plot point that moves the WHOLE story along. But that isn't going to be the case. It's really just Claire and Ann having a fight and then making up. That's it. There's a bit of relevancy to the story, but it's not a epic fight with a big crazy monster or a "luke I am your father" type plot point.

BUT, to kind of make up for that, I intend to put together a 6(ish) page Do Re Mi short of him hopping around in space on different adventures. I'm going to do these in a sketchbook like the the Skyrim comics so they'll be quick and not as time intensive. (aaaaand hopefully kind of funny).

And then maybe a page explaining what a Tuner is, along with whatever other ridiculous ideas come to mind in the mean time.

Thanks for reading,



Really don't know what to say about this one.


Since chapter 3 is finally done and has been up for a while, I thought I would update the home page with the latest story. Mostly just for a change of scenery.

Even though I'm still in a awful, desperate job hunt, I might try to do another short xenozoo story. We'll have to see. How about this, I'm at 90 followers on twitter. When I get to a solid 100, I'll get to work on it and start to post again. Or maybe 10 people on the facebook page? (You can help by retweeting and such.) Until then, it will just be the lackadaisy nonsense like below. (I'm still kind of working on a Korra fan comic.)

Feel free to reach out on the social media stuff. Let me know what you think about all this. Feedback would be nice to hear.

Lastly, dtrump is the worst. I'v done a few comics with a degree of political commentary. I wasn't sure where to put them and didn't want to start a new section, so I'v been putting them in with the company man stuff.



Final eight pages to chapter 3. DONE, at last. It's only took 6 years. (...bleah.)

Anyway, it might help to read the WHOLE thing rather then just the last eight pages so here is the start and here is the archive. Even though these links are in the navigation.

Not sure what happens next. Storywise or otherwise...

I guess it's probably a bad time to mention that I plan to have a 20-some page epilogue that will explain some of the missing finer points to the story. It was information that I was going to include in chapter 3, but for various reasons decided that it would work better as an epilogue. Not sure when that will happen though.

If you liked the comics here, please considering passing them along.

Thanks for reading!



It's a little belated, but I did something for the passing of David Bowie. I've always thought of Ann as an aspiring musician or at least a fan of great music. I haven't quite gotten that far into the story yet, but I hope to include little bits and pieces of pop cultural references throughout future stories, like any good science fiction.

On a personal note, I became a Bowie fan when his Earthling cd came out. I had liked some of his earlier hits like Space Oddity, Heroes and Under Pressure with Queen. But the radio stations around here rarely played anything outside the most generic hits like, Changes, Rebel Rebel, Fame, Golden Years, etc. You never heard Ashes to Ashes, Moonage Daydream, Ziggy Stardust, Sound and Vision, or Starman and never anything new. When Bowie preformed Dead Man Walking on Letterman and I found that it had been mixed by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (another personal favorite) I went out and bought the cd. I'm kind of sorry I came to his work so late but I've been a big fan ever since. His passing was a massive shock. You'd think that if anyone on this planet were an Immortal Alien, it would be him. Even if he was mortal, looking back over his career as a musician and artist I think you can see that Bowie wasn't "just a Rock Star."

He was THE Rock Star.

And now Prince. (jeeze...)


In the mean time, (see below) I decided to put up a link to the hidden content. If you don't know what that is, just follow the link. Also, saw that the Nebraska person (I presume) blew through 300 some pages. Thanks.




I got up about 4:30 this morning (sept 16, 2015) to write this, so I guess I’m pretty serious about it.

Well, here it goes…

I took a hard look at things, finances, etc and decided that anything comic related is indefinitely on hold. “Hiatus” isn’t exactly unfamiliar territory for webcomics and I’v never really been very consistent in updating (sorry). And yes, I’v made similar posts like this in the past, but this time it’s significantly different.

When I lost my job some years ago I had a fairly good financial cushion to wait out the economic mess caused by the banking and housing industry (thanks jackasses). I was alright with that because I was burned out from a bad couple jobs with terrible coworkers and felt that it was the right time to try something a bit reckless. No more Bill's, Dee's, Mark's, Cheryl's, Ward's or Tammy's that make life harder. Also, and I can’t stress this enough, there weren't really any jobs to apply for.

So I invested in some books, tutorial videos to study Maya and began working on some personal projects. Thus, the comic and this website. I figured at the very least it would serve as proof of keeping myself busy and potentially lead to some kind of real work. It was the idea of, “do the work you love and the money will follow.” Unfortunately for whatever reason, that’s not really happened. (Which is somewhat frustrating because even while writing this I’m looking at a couple badly drawn comics with 300-1500 followers on facebook. WHY???)

Anyway, the financial cushion has rapidly depleted to a level that is lower than it has ever been in my adult life. I had a couple reliable freelance clients that helped keep me afloat over the last few years, but they’ve moved to using their internal design departments. Then earlier in spring I lost my longtime power mac warhorse along with a great deal of expensive software that won’t work on the new stupid iMac (thanks Apple, Autodesk and various third party developers). So it’s time to put the dreams of independence away and get serious about finding a job. I have always been on the look out for real work, but had the luxury of being picky. That’s no longer the case and everything needs to be on the table. I mention this because… well, after years of hunting and submitting I don’t have a whole lot of faith in the creative prospects in the area. Don't get me wrong, there are some great companies around, particularly in the KC area. But generally those positions get filled pretty quickly. The likely hood is pretty good that I’ll have to find something outside everything I’v worked towards. The possibility of moving boxes in a warehouse or cleaning floors is probably what is going to happen.

And there are some other personal circumstances, none of which are any of ‘yo biz-nezz.

So… what does this mean for the comic?

Well, that depends. I still want to work on it, but I need to put it aside to focus on the job hunt. The thing is, I like working with Claire and Ann along with my other projects too much and it detracts from more important things. Artwork has always been an escape for me and it’s easy to get lost in work you enjoy doing while ignoring reality. I can’t afford to do that anymore. So… I guess nothing should happen until I have a job secured. Once that happens, we’ll have to see. I can’t really explain why, especially after saying ‘how much I like working on it,’ but there is the very real possibility of never working on it again. I hate being so dramatic, but it needs to be said.

I also want to mention, I’m not looking for donations or making a plea just to sell stuff from the shop. Even with a few donations, sales, hits, clicks, shares, follows and likes it still won’t be enough to keep me from going broke. (Well, not unless someone is going to drop a $20,000 donation.)

The domain is paid for at least another year. It’ll be here for a while if you want to reread anything or pass the comic along. I probably won’t be as active on facebook, but will maintain the twitter feed with just general opinions and nonsense. For what it’s worth, if anyone has an opinion, advice, suggestions or even job leads, feel free to reach out. I’m happy to talk about “whatever.”

Lastly, I want to say “Thank You” for the few (so few) people that have been following along. I watch the analytics periodically and notice when it has a heart beat. Over the years there have been people in Oregon, Colorado, Nebraska and Texas that have consistently followed the comic updates. There are five people on the facebook page. (One is my sister, another is my friend Kevin and one is, well, myself.) But there are two that I don’t know because facey won’t tell you until you get 100 followers. But thanks. There are currently 53 people on twitter, but I’m not certain if any of them are there for the comic or just wanting courtesy follows. There are a couple comic people (one VERY big name) and a couple industry guys following. That has always been encouraging, thanks. Every once in a while analytics will show that someone blew through 50-200 pages and that has also been very encouraging. I’v noticed. Thanks.

So… there it is. Probably overly dramatic for a obscure, unpopular webcomic, but I needed to get that out even if was just to hear myself say it out loud (or written). I have some other things to take care of later today. But now I need to shower and as bad as it sounds, maybe a nap. I had a pretty early start.

Thanks again for reading. Hope to be back at it sometime soon.



Just a quick word,

As much as this has always been "just a hobby" there is a certain amount of attempting to make it into a "real thing." Admittedly, I don't know what that means, (graphic novel? pro comics job? illustrator? people blindly throw money at me?) other than maybe one day I could somehow make a living off of it. I put a lot of different things out there mostly because I like making those different things. But also because I hope that eventually something will catch and all this work might get some attention.

I don't pursue advertising or promote it much (it's expensive). I've tried to push it out where I think it's appropriate but it generates little response. I'm not and never will be a salesman. If I were any good at that sort of thing I would have a job already or be selling houses or BMW's. I do the creative work because THAT is what I do best.

To that end and even more than a donation, if you want to help me and my dorky comics out the BEST thing you could do is follow along on twitter or facebook. If you're feeling especially generous you could pass it along to friends you think might enjoy it too. I hope you'll give it some consideration.




I also put up some comics about my playing Skyrim and that one Evil Alien comic (maybe more eventually) in the hidden comics map. If you know where that is. They're also on facebook.


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