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An important note about the mirrored site.

The quick version is that my domain/hosting for projectxeno.com was up for early renewal due to some nonsense from godaddy. The site hosting is suppose to be up in august but they "moved" the site to a new server and thus it is up for renewal NOW... at a grossly inflated price. I'm not certain what the deal is yet since godaddy hasn't really responded to my inquiry. So I transferred all the html content to my hobby comic site, xenozoo.com so people can still go through my portfolio work.

In he future, I might be moving the site or changing the domain or doing something else (???). I'v considered changing the domain name for a while and have been playing around with a site redesign anyway, so this might be the opportunity to do it.

In any case, feel free to browse. All... er... MOST of the links should work and it should act like the original hosted site. I just haven't tested every single link, so... if you get a dead page, that's why. If you prefer you can refer to my page on linkedIn for work there or a updated site address.







Considering the current state of politics in the country, most of which I am in "Great" disagreement with, I am making a standing offer to provide FREE design service to any Democrat
running for office in Kansas. If you have a mailer, email blast, poster, button, or whatever you might need that I can do, I will put it together for NO COST. There will, (obviously) be some some cost involved for printing or if you require stock art or something. But I'll put the document together and deliver it to you just as my "charitable contribution" to better the country.

I've never made an offer like this before, so I reserve the right to say "no" when I feel it's necessary. Otherwise you just need to be a Kansas Democrat running for office. (Or possibly a Kansas organization working to combat the current republican regressive efforts). Email me (link below, envelope button above), so maybe we can all move forward.