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I will be "rebranding" myself this year to try and get back into a full time gig. New site, freshly produced resume and other material coming soon.


Highlights of some new things on the site:

- Added a Two Page Flyer for Fight Like a Woman to the Design Portfolio. (Note: I don't have a direct button for it in the portfolio just yet.)

- A standing offer for FREE design to any Kansas Democrat running for office. See the home page for more details or just email me.

- Hey, look at that, I made a new shiny Resume you can download here.

- Added my Boulevard Tank 7 and KC Pils Poster/Illustration to the Pet Projects section.

- Added my DoReMi Poster/Illustration to the Pet Projects section.

- Added my DoReMi papercraft figure to the Pet Projects section.

- Added a special "posters" section in the Pet Projects section with some new things like a Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat poster and Wind Up Macs.

- Added a Datasheet and Security Diagram that I did for SendThisFile. Incidentally, I've not added buttons for the pages to every portfolio page, so they will disappear and reappear on select pages. (Sorry, lazy.)

- Added a infographic that I did for BoldChat. I also added some animated gifs I did for them a LOOOONG time ago.

- Since I was changing things, I also added some notes about the actual work. Who it was for, what was used to make it, etc. If anyone is interested in that sort of thing.

- The Blogger button I had still went to the production blog I had for a while. I closed it down, but apparently someone else picked up the 'project xeno' name. So the button went to this other guy's blog site. I couldn't have that, so I changed the link/button to my twitter feed.

- Xenozoo Chapter 5 - Claire is recruited by a wannabe adventurer to track a rare bird.
- Super Science Club - A group of super intelligent kids presenting their science projects.
- Bitz (animated) - Two rival game sprites running amok.
- Spock Travel Poster (that's it there to the right.)
- Tallgrass8-Bit fan poster - I'm wanting to do a few more of these vintage/modern inspired posters.

-A very stupid Christmas 2012 animation
-There is a new Toy rendering of a PBY Catalina on this page.
- Added Terrible Power animation inspired by a neighbors obnoxious dog.
-Added a fun little test animation involving a UFO.
-Added a quick animated thing I did for Bold Software.
-Added Bold Software Datasheets, White Papers, Research Reports and Case Studies
-Added Bold Software Infographic Illustration
-Added Photoshop Crosshatch brushes
-Animated Transparency Texture Test
-Xenozoo Store Items
-Static Lightening Test
-Young Athena -Test Model
-BirdBot Test Model

And then there's the LinkedIn profile, here. Please feel free to add me to your connections!

Stay tuned.