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Various pet projects that I work on in my spare time.

Comic and Cartoons

-Xenozoo Comic

-Xenozoo Website

-Xenozoo Store Items

-Other Comics

-DoReMi Paper Craft Figure

Flash and Storyboards

-Storyboard for animated short - "Polished"

-Storyboard for animated short - "Lunar Holiday"

-Flash Website (Test model)

-Flash Jigsaw Puzzle Game

-Flash AeroBlaster Game


-Do Re Mi Poster

-Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat

-Boulevard Tank 7

-Boulevard KC Pils

-Wind Up Mac

-Spock Travel

-Tallgrass 8 Bit

-Mac to the Beach

-Harddrive Backup

Maya 3D - Models

-Young Athena


-P51 Mustang Toy and Layout

-Leon Tutorial Model and Walk Cycle


-Xeno Monster (work in progress)

Maya 3D - Animation

-Bitz - A series of 8-bit platform game inspired nonsense. I'm not hosting them here, but you can find them here or on youtube. Because it's America and you have choices.

-Terrible Power

-Saucer/Street Scene Test

-Christmas 2012

-Laser Ray Effect Test

-Animated Transparency Mask Test

-Static Lightening Test

-HouseWalk Test Animation

-Gnomon Walkcycle

-Bouncing Ball Exercise Animation

-Pendulum Animation Exercise

-Carton Animation

-Traditional Animation


-Photoshop Crosshatch brushes


- For the record, here is a list of the 3D Learning Materials I've been going through:

Learning Autodesk Maya 2008

-Modeling and Animation Handbook
-Special Effects Handbook

Gnomon Dvd's
-Character Animation:Fundamentals
-Kinematics 4:Arms and Legs
-Character Modeling for Production
-Modeling 3 - GTP Race Car
-Skinning 4:Smooth Skin Influence Objects
-MatchMoving 101
-Digital Sets2:Lights and Textures