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About Xenozoo

Xenozoo is a webcomic about two sibling girls taken from Earth and escape from a mysterious alien laboratory. I could go into more detail, but that's the point of reading the comic, isn't it? I'll elaborate as the story moves along.

So far there are several finished chapters and other odds and ends as hidden content throughout the site.

About Me

Adrian is a Graphic Artist and illustrator hiding in plain sight in Manhattan, Ks until he can escape. Like many webcomic artists he's worked as a t-shirt designer, toy designer and website designer. Now he goofs off drawing comics and playing with animation software until the economy turns around enough that he can find a real job. He hopes one day to become a thousandaire.

Normally we don't refer to ourselves in the third person. For more information, see his chronically revised portfolio site at 11thhour



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