Ann Claire Cymon Leena Neel
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This page is temporary while I sort some things out.

You can support the comic in different ways.

1) Share the comic with someone you think will enjoy it! Building an audience is the hardest part of all this. The more people who read it, the more likely that 2-3 will happen for me.

2) Similar in concept to #4 but a lot easier and lazy with added benefits. All you have to do is click that little button below in the left menu to "like" it on the Fbook. Just "like". You don't even have to "love" it, just "like". Come on. It's right there. The benefit of this is that I update the facebook page with stuff that won't make it on the site.

3) the Donate button is off for the moment. I might put it back up after a while.

4) Purchase something from the store. Nope, Store is down.

After your donation you will be taken to a page that will have various odds and ends for you to pick through. Currently there are about ten one-shot comics and a few miscellaneous character designs. I will be putting more stuff there to supplement Xenozoo, along with old stupid comics, new stupid comics, desktops, experiments, flash games and whatever else I can think of.

Below is a panel from a one-shot comic with Ann and a couple other characters that haven't been introduced into the storyline yet.



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