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I thought I would list out the various comics and ideas I would like to do. I'm not sure how this will help anything, but I figure if I ever get 'popular' enough I might set up a patron or something for the things that appeal to the most people. For example, if a bunch of people suddenly started responding to the idea of a comic about 'cats in a bookstore' I would start doing more Bookish comics.

Active Projects - (comics that I am currently working on.)

-Xenozoo - Claire and Ann are stolen away from Earth and out in a universe full of alien life. Lots and lots and lots of stuff written for this.

-Super Science Club - A group of super intelligent kids presenting their projects in a show and tell type fashion, science essays and... maybe a graphic novel.

-Company Man - A guy trying to get a job, keeping a job, corporate culture, politics, media and all that's wrong with the world. Hilarity ensues, but only after approved by management.

-Bookish - Cats in a bookstore. Literature jokes, books, cats, hilarity ensues.

-Skyrim Chronicles - My game character, Cora and Lydia's adventures in Skyrim. Just my thoughts and reflections on the game as I was playing it. I have maybe about... 4 more pages in me for this.

-Legend of Korra - 20 page tribute comic set two years after the series ends where Korra and Asami visit the rebuilding of an Air Temple.

On Hiatus - (for whatever reason)

-Evil Alien - An alien overlord reviews, criticizes and devours science fiction movies for your primitive soft human (delicious) brain. On hiatus because I can't really figure out the humor I want for it. I want to be honest, cruel, but funny and not... like a troll.

-Bitz - A series of animated shorts where two game sprites are going through the levels of the game. On hiatus because my computer with maya broke.

-Simpsons Final Curtain - Bootleg comic where the simpsons go out with a bang.... by killing off all the other animated shows on fox. On hiatus because of boredom.

Future Comics - Comics I want to make after I make the other comics I make.

-Hax (working title) - A series of comic shorts set in the future where consumer technology has stagnated. Advanced technology is beyond the comprehension of the average person and their ability to afford leaving a large divide between the upper class tech giants. Inner city kids trying to figure the new technology out, drone sentinels patrol the neighborhoods, super soldier assassins, AI's liberate themselves for a colony on Jupiter, rumor of contact with aliens, all while tech industrialists war against each other. This would be a much more mature comic with realistic art than my other work.

-Super Ramen Delivery Service - Shorts about the greatest freelance delivery boy ever. (Possibly an extension of the Hax comic, like it's a tv show in that universe or something.)

-Sage - A fantasy comic where a group of young adventurers try to kill a dragon with the help of a aging (cranky) mage.

-Jedi - 20 Page tribute comic to Star Wars where a master Jedi reflects on the Force. (Basically my thoughts about Star Wars, the Force and how everyone else is wrong.)

-the Dragon - Based on a short story by Ryunuske Akatagawa about a monk playing a practical joke that turns into a public spectacle and questions faith and perception.

-the Circular Ruins - Based on a short story by Jorge Luis Borges where a unidentified man crafts a living being.

-I don't know what else.


There are comics that I want to keep apart from Xenozoo because they are intended for a more "Mature" audience. And by "Mature" I really mean 18+ with a immature, juvenile mind and maybe NSFW content. I haven't decided how far to take it yet. There isn't anything too horrible here yet, but until I decide to get another domain or something we're going by the honor system.

So far there are only a few Company Man comics.

and this thing...



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