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Let me explain. No, there is no time. Let me sum up.

The Evil Alien comic was/is an idea where I could try to funnel some of my cynicism about sci fi and fantasy movies into something productive. I could do reviews of movies, shows, comics, games and whatever else using the "Evil Alien" to be as scathing as I like. But in a funny way like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 or the Honest Trailers. I don't think I've quite got the humor right yet so I've only got a few actual movie reviews.

Although I was mad enough at Star Wars to do 5 pages. So I might make more as I figure them out.

Also, the BB8 and Misc Singles were little jabs at internet movie news that probably don't make much sense out of context.


(Update, I don't think they are working out.)


Evil Alien Index

-Jupiter Ascending
-Misc Singles
-Star Wars Force Awakens
-Misc Singles
-Master Skywalker
-Misc Singles
-Ewok Yub Nub

If you'd like to read more hidden comics you can either click around the pages stupidly to stumble on to them or just copy/paste xenozoo.com/hiddenmap.html into your browser. What? Just give you a direct link? Nah.


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