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Since there are a bunch of these and I hope to keep adding to them I figured an index was the way to go. Also note that the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons will navigate through the pages unlike other hidden comics that go back to Xenozoo.

Note: In an attempt to sell some zines, I have removed the links to the last half of the comics. If you want to read them all, please buy the zine! Once I sell out of my stock I'll turn them back on! I Promise!


Super Science Club Index

-Spiral Machine
-Tiny Hadron Collider
-Carbon Copy
-Guess that Cat
-Wormhole Demo
-It's a "what" Ray?
-Dimensional Shifting
-Do the Monster Mash
-Shakey, Shakey
-Super Awesome Secret Formula
-Armed and Ready
-Buggy Bot
-What's the Matter?
-Talking about the Weather Machine
-Zeno's Irony
-Does not Compute
-Small Problem
-This Project Rocks
-Complex insecurity
-Merry X-Ray
-Sunlight Deficiency
-What's the Matter with you?
-Probable argument
-Programming Language of Love
-High Maintenance
-Unexpected Error
-Disarming Development
-Common Ground
-Bubble Pop
-That Hertz
-Infinite Loop
-Booster Club
-Spider Girl
-4th of July Safety
-Fighting a Cold
-Robot Reboot
-Do the Sudo
-ID Error

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If you'd like to read more hidden comics you can either click around the pages stupidly to stumble on to them or just copy/paste into your browser. What? Just give you a direct link? Nah


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