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Hey, Congratulations! You found a hidden comic link!

A quick note about this particular comic...

It's not done! Most people will probably consider that a good thing. It's actually about half way finished and I'm going to abandon it here.

Like many hidden comics, this was originally something of an experiment. I've been trying different approaches and had hoped that I could replicate vector graphics with some modification to produce art quickly. It worked well enough for the line art, but then I started airbrushing shadow and then I had to add highlights. Then I added this and that and it ended up taking a lot more time than I wanted to produce for a single page. (See the video below.)

Work, work, work.

I think the rest of the comic I've written is fairly funny, but the humor is probably a bit inclusive. I mean, did you get the one up top about "knowing the difference" of the Babbage Analytical Engine? No? Well, don't worry about it. I doubt many people did.

Anyway, I would rather move on to some other projects that I think will be better. Maybe later I'll come back and finish this one off, but for now I'm going to stop.

If you'd like to read more hidden comics you can either click around the pages stupidly to stumble on to them or just copy/paste xenozoo.com/hiddenmap.html into your browser. What? Just give you a direct link? Nah.

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