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Boulevard KC Pils Poster

Boulevard KC Pils Poster

Vintage inspired fan poster of Boulevard's KC Pilsner. See the details below.
(Large copyright does not appear on poster.)

$12 9.5 x 12.5 (small)
$22 16 x 21 (large)

Coming Soon, probably.
I don't have a purchase button set up but you could probably contact me via twitter or facebook if you are interested in purchasing one TODAY.

It might be possible for this design to be customized with the Beer and Brewer of your choice. The only stipulations would be that the style match the beer and glass and the name of the beer and brewer can't compromise the design. For example, you wouldn't drink an Imperial Stout from that kind of glass and the color doesn't match. Additionally, the beer and brewer names shouldn't be much more than 12-14 letters or so, to fit in the design.

If you are interested in getting the design customized to your favorite beer and brewery, please don't hesitate to contact me via twitter or facebook to see if we can make it work. There would be no additional charge to have it customized because I would make the design available to others to buy.

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