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I've hidden a number of comics throughout the site and I don't make them obvious to find. And that's the way it should be! However, I thought there should be a map to help people find them all. So periodically this map will be updated with new stuff. I'll probably drop clues when new things are available. Almost always at this URL. Probably...

Just FYI, These links are also available in the Bonus section (a link that will not change) after you make a donation.

-Claire - Halloween 2010 Chapter 0.5, Page 5
-Chick Warrior Chapter 1, Page 43
-Claire Desktop Puzzle (Flash) Chapter 2, Page 39
-Ann - All the instructions are in English Chapter 3, Page 3
-Vintage Robot Comedymatic Chapter 4, Page 4
-Claire - Drops In Chapter 5, Page 1

The Super Science Club
There are no hidden links for these, but you can find them on the Xenozoo Facebook page. Even though you're already here...
-Super Science Club Index

Company Man
It's also not a hidden comic, but if you are looking for Company Man you can find them through the "Other Comics" button. Or the link below;
-Company Man

Chronicles of Skyrim
I played an irresponsible amount of hours of Skyrim and then made some comics about my character in the game.
-Chronicles of Skyrim

Simpsons Final Curtain
Bootleg comic where the Simpsons are contracted to kill off all the other fox animation characters.
-Simpsons Final Curtain

Evil Alien
This is (will be) a series of comics about a Alien reviewing and criticising sci fi and fantasy movies.
-Evil Alien Index

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